Manchester United credit card

An interesting development in the credit card market.

What’s good about it?

This new card has come about to celebrate Manchester United’s recent football successes and has been created by MBNA. It will have the champion logo and comes with an impressive interest free balance transfer which lasts for a mammoth 20 months.
The card will also give customers interest free spending for the first 3 months.

Although this is pretty impressive, this is not the only card that can offer this kind of deal. This will enhance your club’s finances but not necessarily your own, regardless of how much you like flashing your new card around with the clubs colours.

This card is like many others in that it can only really work for you if you pay of the balance in full each month.


You can earn points with the card as part of a reward scheme, but you would need to spend to get the points and make sure you pay off the balance each month. This means there would have to be an awful lot of spending going on.

Although these types of novelty cards are an excellent way of supporting your club the money will end up in their pockets rather than your own and there are other cards that offer a longer interest free period on balance transfers.

Shop around

If you really do want these particular card and you are a diehard Manchester United fan then feel free to indulge yourself, however remember that if you are struggling with your finances, it may be just as well for you to shop around for other cards, which may offer more value for money with the same, or perhaps better offers that work out cheaper for you in the long run.