Night Hoops

Carl Deuker


" The sports is plentiful and moves the book along, with the characters of Nick and Trent making us care who wins, who loses, and exactly how they play the Game. "----> Night Hoops.


Nick Abbott wants his father's approval more than anything, but his brother Scott is always first in his father's eyes. Nick's father was a basketball star in high school, and he wants Scott to excel in that sport, but Scott just wants to play his trumpet. Nick's parents decide to go their separate ways, and the divorce is a big psychological problem for Nick.The book that I am reading is Night Hoops. The author is Carl Deuker. By reading this book I think that he is a good author and I would like to read more of his books. This book is about a boy named Nick Abbott, he is a very good basketball player and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Then there is Trent Dawson, Nick doesn't really care for him until something happens to Trent and his bother Zack.I think the purpose of this book was that no matter how much you dislike someone you never give up on them or judge them. You have no clue what they have been through with their family or even school. I learned from this book is to not judge anyone and always be nice to someone even if you don't know them. Till you actually get to know them that's when you can think of them and see what they have to go through or what they do on a regular day basis.


I have just recently finished this book and I just have too say "wow". Because this story is much more then a boy reaching his goals. It's about a boy Who achieves a friendship that he thought would never happen. This tells me that people can be brought together through sports and common interest. I can relate to this because I have lots of friends Who I have met through sports. I advise any basketball or sports lovers to read this book.
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