By: Sienna Mereer


My book is fiction and the main character is Olivia and she just moved to a unfamiliar town because her Dad got a new job. She is going into a new school and she's excited to join the cheer leading team she makes new friends and then meets Ivy. At first they look different, Ivy has pale skin, wears black, and looks nothing like Olivia. On the other hand Olivia has tan skin, wears pink, and looks nothing like Ivy. But under all that makeup they are identical twins! They both have plans to pull all the twin tricks in the book but Olivia figured out that they are not exactly the same. Ivy is a vampire! and she's not the only one in town! Read Switched to find out what happens next.

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This is Sienna Mercer the Author of Switched
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Please read this book it's the first one out of the series and I bet u will like the series too.


I know this book is fiction because vampires don't exist but the only thing that's possible in this book is how Olivia and Ivy are twins.


I read this book in Read180 and you should read this book.


I liked the ending of the book it was sweet and i want to know more about how Olivia and Ivy are doing in the next book.