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5 themes of meography



Absolute-specific location latitude/longitude address:

Relative- approximate location next door to down the road across from to the right of.

The absolute location of Albany is 45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

The relative location of Albany is its by avon mn

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Definition: An area that is defined by everything in it .

5 Human features of my house:My garage, steps, windows, door ,floor

5 Physical features of my house: Trees, bush ,grass , flower ,rocks

citation: Google Maps

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definition-the way people products ideas and information move from one place to another.

(1 the way i get to some places are walk,bike or ride the bus.

(2 i got my T shirt from Nicaragua

(3these are 2 states I've been two south dakota,Missouri

(4 these are ways i communicate Talking,text.

human-envirnmental interaction

definition-how people adapt to modify and depend on the environment

adapt- This is a way i adapt is by my clothing.

modify-i modify the environment by fishing

depend-we depend on the enviroment by oxygen,H2O,foods andanimals


Definition-an area that is defined by certain similar unifying characteristics.

One human characteristic of the Midwest is: Christianity

One physical characteristic of the Midwest is: Lakes

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