Mrs. Ramos' 4th Grade Class

Starting Week 4!

Can you believe we are already beginning the 4th week of school?! I am so excited that I get to teach your child every day! We have the Book Fair going on this week at school, if your student comes to school with money, they will be able to go to the fair that day. The fair will be opened until 5:30pm on Tuesday for Family Night!

Please remember to check your student's agenda book each night.

Thank you for all your support,

Lauren Ramos


Math - Place Value: vocabulary - decimal, decimal point, tenth and hundredth.

Guided Reading - Author's Purpose: vocabulary - persuade, inform, entertain

Science - Different Forms of Energy

Writing - Personal Narratives

Conventions - Verbs / Irregular Verbs

Working With Words -

fact began clasp rapid able later space stranger grade

main explain freight display weigh vein April ankle neighbor

estimate round