DC Staff Update

10 April 2016

I'm grateful this week for...

A wonderful Easter holiday and the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, and recharge my batteries. I hope you all managed to do the same.

Please spare a thought for our Y13s who I know have been preparing for their last days at school and upcoming Diploma exams.

Welcome to Mila

Congratulations to Laura and Pete Stewart on the birth of their daughter Mila, born on 24 March.

Pete finished his time at DC on Friday. We are grateful for his great work during the last two years and wish him the best as he, Laura and baby Mila prepare for their move back to NZ this summer. Please direct any requests for communications/website items to Michelle Mouton.

staff meeting - growth mindset

The whole school staff meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday 11 April from 3.30-4.30pm. Support staff who wish to attend this are very welcome.

Staff will be split into two groups for this staff meeting. Groups and information on venues will be sent via email tomorrow morning.

eevoices police checks

ESF has introduced this year a requirement for all newly appointed and existing teachers to obtain police checks from their previous countries of residence as well as from here in HK. For existing staff, this will be spread out over 2 years based on when you are due to accept a new contract. As you can imagine, this is an enormous undertaking across the foundation, especially given that the HK system requires every teacher to attend the Wan Chai Police Station in person to get this done.

The latest time each day we can get this done is 3.30pm, and ESF has been generous in giving DC a bit of a head start in booking this later time, given our location and logistics of getting staff to HK Island. Mandy Ng has done an amazing job of coordinating this across primary and secondary, helped a lot by those teachers who were willing and able to do it over the Easter holidays.

Please stick to the dates that Mandy has coordinated. I understand that this may mean you missing a meeting or having to re-schedule an activity, however, it is important that we complete the process as a whole college. DC will cover the cost of a shared taxi from DB to and from the Wan Chai Police Station for groups of staff of 3 or more, or individual costs for staff travelling by the MTR and/or ferry.

friday drinks

Following Peter's email prior to Easter, the Friday drinks will move to once a month. The dates for this term are:

Friday 29 April 3.30-5pm

Friday 27 May 3.30-5pm

Friday 24 June (last day of term) 12-1.30pm

This week

  • Whole college staff meeting tomorrow (Monday 3.30-4.30pm)
  • Secondary 3-Way Conferences this coming Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday
  • Primary Athletics Day on Friday
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