Yoga For Climbers

Not Your Typical Yoga Class!

Get ready to send! Join us and get those climbing muscles in shape to take you to the next level. And no, we won't be putting our legs behind our heads. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Have the typical climber hunch? Hoping to break into 5.11 (or higher) this season? Recovering from tendon injuries? Whether you are an experienced or beginner climber, this workshop will help you achieve refined strength and flexibility as well as helping to focus your mind while on the rock. Sport climbers, trad climbers, ice climbers, boulderers and alpinists all welcome.

Yoga and climbing are great compliments to one another. In this workshop we will use specific yoga postures to find balance between strength and flexibility, use strength training exercises to build strength in key areas critical for climbing performance, breathing & meditation techniques to help calm the mind while on route, and discuss common injuries and ways to prevent them.

This workshop is designed specifically for climbers, however anyone is welcome. $50 for series or $15 drop in. Each session will build on previous sessions, although attending all 5 is not required.

Call or email Kristen with any questions. or 571-276-8009.

About your instructor: Kristen has been rock climbing for just about 10 years. She started a regular yoga practice about 4 years ago (and on and off for about 4 years before that) and it has taken her climbing to a totally new level, physically and mentally. Despite her previous dislike of the cold weather, she has discovered that she LOVES ice climbing as well. When she isn't teaching yoga, you can usually find her having a climbing adventure with Chris, hiking a 14er (or anything, really), swinging some tools, skiing or anything that involves being outside.

Yoga For Climbers

Monday, June 17th 2013 at 7:15pm

3326 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO

5 Monday nights, starting June 17. Register online at under workshops.