Renewable Energy

By: Elaine Comerford

8.4 MW Cogeneration Plant to Power Los Angeles International Airport

LAX has opened their new 75,000 square foot, $438 million Central Utilities Plant. It is 25% more efficient than the previous CUP and any 'waste' will be reused. The CUP has three parts to it. A four story bulding that contains the plant and staff offices, an above-ground cylindrival 1.5 million gallon thermal energy storage tank that rises nearly four stories, and a maintenance facility with workshops on the ground floor and cooling towers above.

Thoughts About Renewable Energy

I think renewable energy is so great. We really need to protect this Earth because it's the only one we have. Anything that we can do right now would help. If everything in the world that needed power used renewable energy our earth would be so much cleaner. Global Warming is really a huge issue that we need to do something about. We can't keep ignoring it or Earth will die even faster.
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