The Akre Update

July 2014

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HomeBase News

Dad: Still working on the 39 Coupe. Went on the YM's High Adventure at the Pallisades near Whyoming with the Ward. They were gone for 4 days. He participated in a 12 mile hike, zipped down the mile long zip line and enjoyed some boating adventures.

Mom: Gardening seems to be most of what I do. Picked up Amria from the Airport July 10th. Helped get her to the Dr.s and get supplies she would need for when she goes back on her mission. Just Mom stuff, nothing too exciting.

Amria: Got home July 10th. Saw the dr. July 14th. Has all the right meds to help her ulcers heal. Got re assigned to the Santa Rosa, California Mission. Will be leaving on Aug. 19th, one week after Levi enters the MTC. Continues to study Spanish and has memorized 12 of the 13 A of F in Spanish. Found out two of the families in Torreon that she helped share the gospel with are being baptized on Aug. 9th and 16th. Has been a big help at home with weeding, cleaning, helping kids, fixing dinner.

Levi: Went to the YM's High Adventure where they went boating, hiking, played night games, a mile long zip line, and mountain biking. He decided that he wanted to bike down the mountain that they hiked up so he carried/pushed his mountain bike all the way up the mountain. (6 miles up, 6 miles down). Waited about 40 minutes at the bottom of the mountain while everyone else hiked down. Went boating with the Bishop and his family and had a pretty good wipe out with Katie (Bishops daughter) where she ended up biting a gash into the top of his forehead with her teeth. Has a pretty sweet scar from it. He came out of the water gushing blood. Took out and replaced an engine on an SUV that Bishop is trying to fix up and sell. Continues to help Dad with all sorts of projects. Was able to obtain most of the needed items for his Mission. Will enter the MTC on the 13th of Aug.

Penny: Went to Oregan for YW's camp. Was voted the most laid back person at camp. She is a big help with the garden and in the kitchen. Is becoming a very good baker. Continues to be one of the favorite babysitters in the Ward.

Yvonne: Also went to Oregan for YW's camp. She was voted the camp fairy because she was always popping up here and there and lending a helping hand whenever she saw someone in need. Has been learning all about Pokeman from Trygg. You can often find her with Trygg playing some sort of Pokeman game.

Trygg: Went to the MK Nature center with his Scout Den. They saw many types of birds, flowers, fish, and trees. They were able to see a 6 foot sturgeon. He earned and received his Bear Badge in Scouts. He and Amria have made up some sort of Pokeman story that they continuously work on.

Thingelstad Family Reunion: Mom, Trygg and the girls went to Steadman Ranch for the Thingelstad family reunion. Dad and Levi were at High Adventure. We enjoyed seeing those who were able to attend the reunion. Penny won a blanket from the raffle. The three youngest really enjoyed the huge slip-n-slide, the zip line and the company of their cousins.

The Hales

Landon: Calmer, more energetic and cries less. He has been going gluten-free with Chelsea and it has made a big difference. They both just started going lactose-free as well. He loves to be outside, and Chelsea takes him on walks all the time. He is a super big help for Jake, he likes to tell me words or help him understand what is important in life. Like aqua.

Jake: Starting to sleep through the night without eating! :) Yay. He is a pro roller from back to front, and is trying his hardest to figure out the front to back bit.

Chelsea: Going gluten-free and lactose-free has been helping. She is getting her sense of smell back. Eating lots of avocados and half starving sometimes though because of the lack of food options. She has also been reading a lot lately. She and JC just bought tickets to go to Idaho in Sept.

(I will update this flyer more when I have more info, I just want to get it out cause I'm already late... <3)

The McCartys

Eric - He got 6 stitches this month, and broke the bone in his face/skull?. Something like that. He was trying to build a giant slackline at Scout Camp. He enjoyed Scout Camp a lot, they had a zipline and went on a lot of hikes and he got to wear his hideous kneehigh socks that I never let him wear at home, so he was happy.

Shelby - It was nice to have the truck for a week, Chad and I went to the park almost everyday and I got to go grocery shopping during the day :P yay!. I took a break from having people come over this week (normally we have someone over at least 2x a week) and that was really nice. Though yesterday at church the elders came up to us and told us they were craving vegan food, hint-hint, nudge-nudge. So we are having them over this week.

Chad - Growing up! We have been trying to get him new toys because he is supper bored with his baby toys. He would just play with his legos all day long. He tells me when he needs something now. He has about 10 words he will actually say, but says others kinda sporadically. He went to nursery for the first time! That was so nice. He liked it a lot too. He already had a couple friends in there from the hallways in church. His favorite movie is frozen and his favorite color is blue (he always goes for blue things first, if we give him m&ms he will search through them to find the blue ones. Silly kid).


Eric's B-Day: August 17th

Am Re-enters her Mission: August 19th

Levi Leaves for the MTC: August 13th

What Chad is doing will I'm writing this Newsletter :P

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White Bean & Turkey Chili (Gluten free and milk free)

1 T oil

1/2 Large Onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves

1 lb ground Turkey

1 T cumin

1/2 T dried oregano

1 tsp chili powder

1 1/2 T flour (or more if you want it thicker)

1 can cannelloni beans (or any white bean you like)

1 cup frozen corn

4 cups chicken broth (or veggie)

1. Cook the onion in the oil for about 5 mins, or until translucent. Add garlic and cook 30 seconds

2. Add ground turkey, cook halfway through, add spices and flour, finish cooking

3. Add corn/beans/broth

4. Bring to a boil, lower to a simmer. Cook uncovered for an hour or until you have the desired thickness

5. Serve with Parmesan and parsley.