Little Oaks Montessori

May Newsletter

May is the month where we begin to wrap up our official school year. We will be celebrating the many wonderful accomplishments of all students at Little Oaks at our annual Stepping Up ceremony. Please see details below. This is the time of year when we bid farewell to many of our graduating students as they enjoy their last summer as preschoolers and prepare for the adventures of kindergarten. It is always a bittersweet, reflective time for all of us. We look forward to a festive and positive month of bonding and friendship.

For those students staying with us through the summer, we have some fun and exciting things planned to keep us engaged and excited about school. We'll have some fun field trips and beloved guests visit our program. Please bring a swim suit for your child so that we can enjoy lots of water drought-conscious water play. Don't forget sunscreens and hats!

Summer Schedule and Schedule Changes

A few weeks ago, we distributed a request for upcoming vacation dates, kindergartner end dates and new schedule requests for the fall. Thank you to those who have already returned those forms. Having this information early helps us prepare for teacher vacations, new enrollment and to help guarantee that current students have their preference of days, etc. If you haven't submitted your form, please provide it to us a soon as possible. Thanks!

Important Dates

Gymnastics: Every Monday - Pre-k Classroom

Scholastic Book Orders Due: Friday, April 15th. Online code - NKVR9

Stepping up day: Friday, May 27th

School Closure: Monday, May 30th

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