Veterans in Hunger

They Served Us, We Serve Them-Group 2

The Issue

This week, we learned that veterans are hungry because they have a hard time transitioning back to America when they return from overseas. Because of this issue, they have trouble finding jobs so they can't afford food. Here are some facts we learned about veterans suffering from hunger. We learned that 620,000 households with a member in the military seek help from food pantries, and 69% of households Feeding America serves have to choose between paying for food and utilities every year. We also learned that 1 in 5 households served by Feeding America has a member who has served in the military. This is a very serious problem, so we will help veterans find jobs by creating a website that puts companies in contact with veterans. We will help veterans find jobs as soon as they get back, so they can buy food and live.

Advocacy Project

Veterans in Hunger Group 2

Take Action

Each person can make a difference by donating to this website. Our website will show people how and where they can donate to food pantries. We will have a PayPal on our website so that people can donate directly to charities that help hungry veterans. Our website will get companies in contact with veterans so they can get jobs and afford food. We will have online applications that veterans can fill out and apply for jobs. Once our website has launched and has been successful, we can take it to other cities. Each city can make a difference by getting companies to hire veterans. Others can help by donating food and money to food banks. If you know a veteran that is struggling to find a job you can contact them and let them know that they can get on this website and get the perfect job.

What We Learned

Luke-I learned that one in three hungry is a veteran

Brycen-I learned that 1 in 3 people who are hungry are Veterans

Hayden- i learned that one person can make a big difference.

Haylee- I learned that 69 percent of veterans have to choose between paying for utility or food bills every year.

Ethan-20% of the households Feeding America serves has member, whos a veteran or has served in the millitary.

Hutson- I learned that one person can make a big difference

Grant- I learned that veterans are hungry and why.

Oliver- I learned that there are 620,000 veterans that are seeking help from food pantries

Elliott-I learned why veterans are hungry.