Panther King

Norfolk JR. High

By:Taylor Bass

London bridge Falls Down!!

In the afternoon on February 24, 2004, at 2:32 PM, The London Bridge in London, England, that the Queen walks on every day for two hours a day has fallen. Cars were driving on the bridge, and because of the weight of too many cars on the bridge it broke. When it fell the citizens asked her to rebuild it with silver and gold. It was finished two days later.

Conan O'Brien

Do you have a favorite comedian? The life of Conan O’Brien is typed in the article below. He is a very interesting person. The article tells of birth to today.

Conan O’Brien was born on April 18,1963, in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. He is the third born of six children with three brothers and two sisters. Conan went to Harvard University where he specialized in American History.

After graduation he started a talk-show, called Conan, because he likes to do ridiculous things. His spot for his show is on TBS. He does many strange things on his show.

Conan is 50 years old. He is also single. Conan had a beard, but let a guest shave it to entertain his audience.

The article told you about Conan O’Brien’s birth to today. I hope you also think he is a very interesting person. So, do you have a favorite comedian?

Awesome App

Do you have a favorite app? I have one app worth talking about,Words With Friends. It is a word game where you spell words and try to beat your friends by scoring more points. It’s a very addicting game and so much fun. So what’s your favorite app?

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The movie Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back takes place in a galaxy far, far away and was made in 1980.In this movie Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, trains to be a Jedi while his friends try to outrun imperial troops who serve Darth Vader. Vader wants to turn Luke to the dark side of the force. Can he? The message of this movie is don’t be evil. This movie was the most entertaining movie I have ever seen.

Star Wars Battle of Hoth HD

School Uniforms are Bad

We shouldn’t have school uniforms. School uniforms are bad. Everyone will look the same. It also doesn't work on some people. We don't want to wear the same stuff every day. People should be allowed to show what they believe in. They will hide your personality if you wear them.