VCR Lesson 10

Veronica Skoczek

In the early 1900s, many _________, from many different European countries, sought shelter in a promising free land--America.
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n., Any group migration or flight from a country; the dispersion of Jews from their homeland in the Middle East.

Roots: dia <G. "through," speirein <G. "to scatter"
Synonyms: scattering, expulsion, displacement (of people)

Antonyms: immigration, gathering, incoming (of people)

Choose the sentence in which the underlined word is used incorrectly:

  1. The Jewish Diaspora is sometimes said to have started in 722 BC when the Assyrians took Israel, instead of the year 70 AD, when the Romans captured it and forced the Jewish people out.
  2. In The Glass Castle, little Jeanette often has to undergo a familial diaspora, during which her parents claim that they know better than the government as they run from the FBI.
  3. Currently, the Syrian Civil War is causing a diaspora that seeks shelter in surrounding countries, such as Jordan.
  4. A diaspora of Monarchs could be spotted in the beginning of October, clouding the sun ephemerally.