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The Renaissance Inventions Museum honors the great inventions of the Renaissance. Also it honors the inventors who created these inventions. You will see about four of these inventions and inventors today.

Johannes Gutenberg

Printing Press

Haling from Germany Johannes Gutenberg started working on his printing press in 1436. Earlier in China they had created the movable type, Gutenberg bettered that. Being that Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith helped him use what he knew about metals into the printing press. Gutenberg was the first to us alloy of lead, tin, and antimony. Making it durable enough to mass produce books, like he did with the Gutenberg bible. He produced it in different languages, so not everybody had to learn latin to read the bible.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Machine Gun

Had 11 muskets side by side on a rectangular board. Then he put two other boards attached to make a triangle that could rotate. This helped so that one set would fire, while the second would cool down, and the third would reload. Although Da Vinci was against killing, and mass killing machines, he made it to financially support his household.


Since Da Vinci was fascinated with human flight, he wanted a way for people to jump from high heights without sustaining injury. His goal was to turn down terminal velocity. People gracefully could go down to the ground with the pyramid shaped framework covered by cloth.

Salvino D'Armate


While it is under dispute of who created the eyeglasses, most sources say it was Salvino D'Armate in 1285 in Italy. The first eyeglasses were made with metal or bone frames and quartz lenses. They had began to spread, and by the fifteenth century they had spread to China








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