Bryantville Elementary School

September 15, 2020

Kindergarten Orientation

For those families who were not able to attend the virtual kindergarten orientation, a copy of the presentation is linked below.

Welcome to Kindergarten

We can't wait to meet you! Please click the link below to visit our classroom website. We have created a short video to welcome our new students.

Kindergarten School Supplies List

Overall Notes for every grade level:

Please make sure your child’s supplies are able to fit in their backpack since they will be carrying them back and forth to school. They will not be leaving their supplies in their desk.

All students in Kindergarten will receive an IPAD and all students in Grades 1-6 will receive a Chromebook. You may wish to purchase an IPAD or Chromebook sleeve or something to protect the device. Many backpacks include a built-in sleeve to protect the device as it travels back and forth from school.

Please note that all teachers send home a welcome letter at the beginning of the school year which may include additional items.


Play-doh (Minimum 1 )

Travel packs of tissues

10 pack of washable markers

Colored pencils

Crayons (24 pack or smaller)

1 package of Pencils

2 pack of large pink erasers of pencil top erasers

A hand-held pencil sharpener that has a container for shavings

Hard plastic pencil box

1 (2 pk) of Glue Sticks

Headphones (no earbuds)

Pack of black expo markers (minimum 2 markers)

2 black sharpie markers

1 one-subject notebook

1 blank sketchbook

1“ 3 ring binder

3 one-gallon Ziploc bags

Labeled change of clothes

Child size scissors

1 roll of Paper Towels