Reading Lolita in Tehran

A Project by Meghana Antyakula


All memoirs have certain characteristics. For example, some memoirs focus over a small period of time like a couple of years, weeks, hours, or even minutes. The memoir itself can appear to be fictional, but it isn't. Literacy devices, such as metaphors, similes, and personification can be found woven through the text. The most important characteristic is that author reflects back at his or her experiences and tells how they overcame their challenge. ''Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi is a memoir that can show these important characteristics.

-Focusus on a Certain Period of Time

In the book, "Reading Lolita in Tehran", the author mainly focuses on an 18 year time period. Its during the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. During those times, women had strict laws such as no makeup, always wear the veil, and don't go anywhere without a male family member. Because of this, Azar Nafisi secretly teaches her most committed students forbidden Western classics.

-Story Structure

Literacy Devices in Memoirs

Literacy devices help bring the novel to life. With it's smooth similes, confusing metaphors, and hair raising personification, it takes you to a world you that never exists. Take a look at some examples I pasted below!

Thoughts and Feelings about Experience

The author uses figurative language, such as personification and similes, to help bring the novel to life. One example of how the author used this in her writing was "The world I knew suddenly turned into a blur of black and grey like charcoal smeared on a canvas." The author turned how her country suddenly changed and compared to charcoal smeared on a canvas. This is a form of a simile that helps us picture how sudden everything had changed.

Theme Statement

Theme Statement:

Literacy can guide you through your darkest time.

This theme tells us that the author dedicated her life reading books, and she even made life changing choices based on the books she read. This theme is true through the entire book.