Rational Exponents And Radical Form

By- Hanah Narine

Rational Exponents To Radical Form

If you have 4 to the 4/3 power you must change it to radical form because you don't want to have a fraction as an exponent. To put it into radical form you put the denominator (3) on the outside of the radical. Now the numerator goes on the inside of the radical as an exponent to the 4. Now you must solve the cube root.

Radical Form To Rational Exponents

You have r to the 3rd power in a cubed root and you want to know what it would look like in rational exponent form. You must take the number on the outside of the root (2) and put it as the denominator. Now the number on the inside will be your numerator (3) and r will be your base.

Rational Exponent To Radical Form With Different Variables

If you have many different variables in a parenthesis you solve it how you normal would. Then you would put it into a radical form how you would normally, and whatever is left over you put it on the outside of the radical. IF you can go further you must solve afterwards.

Radical Form In A Fraction To Rational Exponents

If you have your radical problem and its all under a one (in a fraction) then you solve it just like you normally would, but your answer will be in fraction form also.

Converting between Radical and Exponential Form