Tesla Motors is the way to go!

The cars in this catalog are all electric powered. You save money just driving them everyday. There are three different models and all are manufactured for comfort and everyday driving from destination A to B. These are road ready cars as long as you make sure to bring the charger.

Smart People Drive Tesla

With our 85 kWh batteries you can go up to 300 miles per charge. You will also be saving the money you would normally use on gasoline. Its estimated you could save over thosands of dollars a year driving a Tesla car. It only takes over an hour to charge and can plug into a 120 volt outlet or 240 volt outlet which is found in most places you go.

Tesla Models

Keeping People Charged For Life

Whats The Cost

Well with a gasoline vehicle you are spending about 6,000 dollars a year in fuel cost, with the Tesla motor you will only be paying about 900 dollars a year in electricity cost. Most importantly you will be saving everybody around with 0 emissions coming from these cars. Cars are just under 100,000 dollars so get yours today

Tesla Motors