By Roy Deluna And Demond McAllister

What is a Theme?!

A "theme" is what the author tries to make his story about. In other words the message the author is trying to display. usually a theme tries to compere his or her story to life and applies to everyone.

What is NOT considered a Theme?

Since a theme is the message, something that would not be considered a theme is a one word sentence or talking about a character . A theme is not a thesis or a character analysis also What is not considered a theme is a cliche or, a personal opinion.

Steps to a theme:

  1. Read the book
  2. Find the theme subject (Ex: Fear, love, etc.)
  3. Find what the author is trying to convey ( the message)
  4. Make the theme more then just one word
  5. Make sure the theme is about the story not just a character

Examples of themes and theme subjects:

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do keep it short
  • Do consider takeaways
  • Do compare to life
  • Don't talk about just one character
  • Don't go all theme park