My Growth in Writing


My Goal

My A.L.P goal was:

I will improve matching my voice to the situation in which I am writing and consistently having voice in my writing. I will do this by scoring meeting or exceeding expectations on the writing rubric, specifically in the “voice” section of the rubric, for at least 2 out of 3 formally assessed writing assessments.

What is Voice?

Voice is what people can identify your writing by. So if there is some-one's voice is not in their writing, people can't identify that they wrote it. It would sound like anyone's voice. Like anyone could've written it.

My First Piece

As you know my first piece of writing, my voice was not the level I wanted it to be at. Below meeting expectations. Not what I wanted at that time, for sure. That is what made me push myself to do better.


In case you didn't know my second piece was about hamsters, and how to take care of them. Which I put a lot more effort into than my first piece. That was a fiction piece. I am way more proud of my second piece.

My Score

I got the score I wanted for this writing piece, which was meeting expectations. I feel a lot better about this piece and I feel like I could've and should've put more work into my first piece. Which would result in a better placing.
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How Has Renaissance Helped Me?

Making Me Strive

As mentioned before, Renaissance has made me strive for the best I can do. Which is what helped me. At my previous school I had around 10 unfinished pieces of writing. With no plan or drafts.