Apple - iPad for Education

Dylan Cook

iPad with Retina Display

The forth generation in the iPad line is the latest full featured tablet on the market. iPad is "simple yet powerful" running a beautiful operating system that is powered by the Dual-Core A6X chip. Its many features are displayed on a stunning 9.7".

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Retina Display - It's more than meets the eye.

The most important feature of the iPad is the screen you view eveything on. The iPad with Retina Display has over 3 million pixels on its 9.7" display giving it a ppi (pixels per inch) of 264!

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Weight and Screen - Lightweight yet durable.

The iPad with retina display is the lightest iPad yet, weighing in at 652g and is less than a centimetre thick! Coating the display is Gorilla Glass 2 which can withstand large impacts to ensure durability.

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Battery Life - Lasts an entire school day ... and more!

Even though this iPad is faster and more powerful that previous models it still has the same great 10hour battery life! This should suit a whole school day of heavy internet use and note taking. Charging is also made easier with the iPad with Retina Display as it includs the new Lightning charger which is smaller than before allowing a more compact charging experience.

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iOS6 (soon to be iOS7) - The world's most advanced mobile operating system.

iOS6 makes iPad not only easy to use but incrediblly fun! There are too may features to list so check out Apples website

In the coming months all Apple products will be updated to a newer cleaner version called iOS7 for no cost at all.

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