Spring break

by Omar clark

The beginning

first, i spent time with my girlfriend and her parents in worth county we went shopping and chilled at her house laugh talk getting to know each other. I stayed their that Friday Saturday and Sunday.
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second I went over my cousin / brother house and we played basketball Monday through Sunday and we also went over our daddy house and chill with him and our aunty for a little while, while over our daddy house we played basketball hade a basketball fight, chilled for a while and then we went to the store and then played the game until I went home.
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where all we went during spring break

me, my girlfriend and her family traveled almost everywhere this spring break we went to Cordele we went to Albany we had so much fun this spring break I wont to go back.
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spent time with her brother

me and Alexis brother had so much fun together we played basketball went almost everywhere he beat me 1 time in basketball and I beat him all the rest of the times I was 10-1 on her brother he almost beat me again but I came back and won.
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I came home yesterday at 12 noon and I was tired but I still had fun back in Americus I went to the north side back to me and my brother daddy house and chilled he gave my brother some money not me but we spent it so I was good. I had fun this spring break I wish it had never end
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