solid,magnetic and optical memory

what is solid memory?

An all-electronic storage device that is an alternative to a hard disk. Employed in myriad products, including mobile devices, iPods, cameras, laptops and desktop computers,solid state drives are faster than hard disks because there is zero latency
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what is magnetic memory?

magnetic storage. A system of storing information through the alignment of small grains in a magnetic material. Once the grains have been aligned by an external magnetic field, the information remains stored for long periods of time.
Magnetism: Data Storage

what is optical memory?

A computer memory that uses optical techniques which generally involve an addressable laser beam, a storage medium which responds to the beam for writing and sometimes for erasing, and a detector which reacts to the altered character of the medium when it uses the beam to read out stored data.
Optical RAM explained – RAMPLAS (FP7)