RES Staff Update

September 11-15

Thank You!

Thank you all for your hard work during this last month of preparation. It is crazy to think that is how long ago it was when we began preparing for 2017-2018. I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing staff, and I know it will be an incredible year. With the addition of Google classroom and the addition of so many new staff members, I thought it would be helpful to send a weekly update to you. It will be as brief as possible (for your sake and mine), but this first week, there are a few things I wanted to be sure to explain. For those that are new, or not, please ask if you have any questions about anything. The administrative team is here to support you! I know it will be a great first day! Be sure to tweet away! #catchthespirit #robisonspirit

First Day Reminders

Remember our 3 priorities:

1. All students feel safe and welcome. Our focus the first day is not instruction-yes, you may have some instruction, but establishing relationships is the TOP priority!

2. All students eat! (FREE lunch & breakfast for everyone)

3. All students get home safely and the correct way--spend quality time making sure this happens. Help will be provided if needed. When students arrive, ask each student if they have a white slip of paper, which will have "car rider", the name of a daycare, or a bus number. If they have it, take it from them and write their name on the back. Once everyone arrives, you can then begin asking if that is how they are going home. If they don't have a paper, it's ok. Do not assume that the white paper is how they are going home. Your transportation roster needs to be completed, copied, and at the front desk by 2:30 pm.

Staff Dress for Week 1

Jeans ALL week!

Monday-New RES spirit shirt!

Tuesday-Team shirt

Wednesday-Jeans with any nice shirt (only t-shirts would be "Hurricane support" type shirts, like "Houston Strong", "CFISD strong", etc., or current spirit shirts

Thursday-Same as Wednesday

Friday-Robison spirit day! New staff shirt or new PTO shirt

Calendar Information

Information is being loaded to the Google calendar in our Google classroom. This will continue to be updated throughout the week, with our final master calendar completed as soon as possible. We will make a decision on Curriculum Nights within the next couple of days.


A spreadsheet has been sent to team leaders to complete. Our committees this year are:

*Team Leader- serves as team leader, CPOC representative, safety rep & technology rep

*Social- Needs to be someone that will attend social events and someone who likes to help with planning and helping with events. This committee is also in charge of any retirement celebrations (if we have any). Responsibilities include: actively involved in planning events, attending all social events, attending all meetings (approximately 3 meetings before school-- additional meeting(s) if there are retirements), helping with planning, decorating, set-up and clean-up of retirement parties.

*Veteran's Day-This committee meets multiple times to plan our very special Veteran's Day event that will take place on Friday, November 10. Responsibilities include: attending morning meetings, helping with after-school decorating, communicating with your team about special projects that students might need to complete associated with this holiday, helping during the event, clean-up after the event (including hallway decorations on a later day), attending a follow-up meeting.

*SIT (Student Intervention Team)- Committee members should be experienced in working with students who have demonstrated difficulties in learning. SIT meetings are approximately 2 times per month (on a Friday at 7:40). Responsibilities include: attending meetings and actively participating to support the teachers and students in need.

*College & Career Readiness-This committee will plan school-wide activities that will help our students focus on a positive future. Responsibilities include: communicating with your team about the upcoming events, actively participating in meetings, helping as needed with all events. Meetings are held before school in addition to meeting during PBIS meeting time at staff meetings. Looking for members that are creative and have an interest in generating excitement for our kids (ex. Career Day, organizing college spirit days, etc.).

*PBIS Committees-All teams need a representative on each of the following committees; however, due to the extensive responsibilities of the team leader, they are not required to be on one of these committees. These meetings will take place in a combination of before-school meetings and at the end of staff meetings (pm).

1. PBIS Lesson Plans-Help to write plans that are given to teachers to use throughout the year. These plans address the BLAST matrix.

2. PBIS Data-Analyze the discipline data and share areas of concern with the staff and create activities or share ideas on how to address areas of concern. For example, in the past, there was a concern in the area of buses. If the data team sees a need in this area, they could then come up with a plan to address this need. They should not give another committee the job of addressing the need.

3. PBIS Student Incentives-Identify activities to keep the students excited about PBIS (school-wide, grade-level, etc.). This group is generally responsible for organizing our grade level competitions and the PBIS school store.

4. PBIS Teacher Incentives-Identify activities to keep the staff excited about PBIS.

5. PBIS Communication-Responsible for communication that is shared in our Rocket Register and on social media. Monthly write-ups of what part of the matrix is being addressed, the grade-level competitions, and any other special announcements should be included.