Perseverance and Adversity

Ali Peters

Rudy Ruettitger

Rudy Ruettiger wanted to play football at Notre Dame as a kid and while he was in high school and he had always been told that he couldn't do it at all. When he was wanting to sign up to check out Notre Dame he was told that he was not good enough so he gave up for a while and he found a way to get into Notre Dame by going to Holy Cross College so he could have good enough grades to get into Notre Dame

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor had to persevere through all the hard times she had with her mom and having to deal with her dad not really caring about any of them and she got through it all by just staying strong and just pulling through and then finally she had became an inspiration to people all around.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had to deal with being the only Africa-American baseball player in the history and he had a lot of problems because he was having insults that were way beyond racist and he was having to deal with it for most of his career but he persevered through it and then became a very famous baseball player in the end.
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