Internet safety

Safety on the internet

Keep your personal information Top Secret.

Never give out your information to anyone you don't know.

Be careful who you trust online

Never trust people online it could turn out to be some 50 year old man trying to get information on you.

Know your privacy settings and be careful who you friend online

Set your settings to private because someone could be stocking your profile and might try to act like a friend of your but it turns out they are trying to get information on you.

Protect you Passwords

Never give your password to anyone cause they could get on your stuff and manipulate online and they might try to keep your password and act like you.

Know and Avoid Internet Scams and Schemes

Don't trust ads that pop up on the web they are trying to get you to give out personal information and hackers can try to take your stuff.

Think before you post

Always ask your selfs should I post this or will it get me in big trouble. Never post things that you think will hurt you in the future.
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