Coaching News 2019

reading motivation, vocabulary, poetry & summer book study

Reading Motivation

I was recently read a post by Pernille Ripp (creator of the Global Read Aloud) about how to "Take a Few More Steps Toward a Successful Reading Experience for All." Many of the questions in the article were designed to help teachers think about how reading experiences are structured so more students can be successful.

A few ideas she asks teachers to consider are: thinking about your reading environment, thinking about your reading community - who are your book people - and helping students to think about why they read and what sometimes gets in the way of reading.

The Sisters from the Daily 5 also had a recent post on motivation (think it is the time of year?)

Some of their suggestions to keep motivation high around reading in the classroom included the practical advice: tidying the book tubs, using student book talks and recommendations to boost enthusiasm, teacher book talks and recommendations, add variety - bring in some new material, and visiting the public library (I know Linda would love to host your class!)

If you would like some support to plan any of these ideas let me know.


Prefixes - My numbers were a bit wobbly off the top of my head last week - but 20 prefixes to account for 70 to 75 % of the words students encounter that have a prefix. Here is a list to help you choose which prefixes you might want to work on with your students.

Prefixes with percentages

April is Poetry Month - Read it: Write it: Share it

This is the 32nd annual Poetry Month Celebration. Poetry can be a wonderful way to build vocabulary, a better understanding of figurative language, and help students to express themselves. April 18th is Poem in Your Pocket Day It could be a day that students have a poem ready to share, or to give to someone else (an act of kindness) in the building or outside of it.

There are many fun things to do with poetry. Here are some ideas (32 in fact). If you would like some help with brainstorming or planning some reading/writing work around poetry let me know, I'd be happy to help!

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Summer Book Study

Summer book study already? The snow is just off the ground!

I want to be able to purchase books (hopefully) before we lose the ability to do that. If you are interested in participating in a summer book study please let me know, or join me on Tuesday for just a few minutes right before the staff meeting (3:15 pm). Bring an idea or book title if there is a book you have been dying to read and haven't had time during the year - otherwise, I have a few we could consider too! I can't wait for time to read in the summer!