What apps can you use in your classroom?

What is mLearning?

mLearning learning through handheld devices through social and content interactions.

Elevated Math

What is it? It is an app that provides Junior High students with interactive math lessons with practice problems.

When would you use it? I would use it in my classroom for students who are struggling need an extra step or for independent study units.


What is it? It turns your phone or iPad into a window at the International Space system. It allows students to use their fingers to span through different views of space and earth and even the Canadarm

When would you use it? I would use it in my classroom during an astronomy unit to let students see up close how earth looks from space.


What is it? It is a count-up stop watch with 4 different timing options at the same time.

When would you use it? I would let students use this for their science labs instead of using a traditional stopwatch which could be difficult to use.

Element Matching

What is it? Element Matching is an app that allows students to match elements by their name, atomic orbitals and charge. It keeps a students score and time.

When would you use it? I would use it as a competition or an activity for students to practice their elements and and knowing their atomic orbitals because it affects them for the rest of their chemistry lives.


What is it? It is a news source for junior high students. Students can read news about kids and read news from all around the world. This app can help students be aware of their surroundings and community and build on their reading ability.

When would you use it? I would use it every morning or homeroom to let students read the news and stay aware of current affairs.