How to (Not) Escape a Bear

Chore Poem

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My dog, Bear, with panda bear hair

is not a big fan of fresh air,

but he zooms like a squirrel

and will take you for a whirl

when you want him to use the potty chair.

He'll play a game with you

when he wants to go doo-doo

by zipping and whipping

and zapping and whapping

you all the way to the moon.

So I latched on his leash,

but he tugged and he lugged- oh sheesh!

Instead of going to the bathroom

my dog went vroom vroom

and Usain Bolt-ed his way

down the street- he just wouldn't obey!

Hightailing me down the road, he mowed

and he strode

across the neighbors' lawn

without a single yawn,

until finally

he came to a stop,

Landing on his belly with a flop.

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