Chapter 9

The Peoples Army


The Peoples Army was China's main line of defense and miltary presence. Unlike the Red Army that was a task oriented group that had a goal of pushing the revolution in any way possible, while the Peoples Army was a disiplined, together unit devoted to the cause.

Mao Quote "They have come together and they fight not for their private interest....but for the interest of the broad masses".

Mao like to talk about the unity of his army and how the peoples army fights for each other. The peoples army fights for China because its what they believe in.

Balzac connection

The peoples army can be connected to Balzac because in Balzac even though they are not a fighting army, they are group of people working together for China.

Army Comparison

The U.S army compared to China's is far different broken up into sections Army, navy etc.

Book Connection

Farenheit 451 is a book that shows us a world where books are banned and free thinking is taken away much like in China under Mao.