Greenville Splash Masters

May News Splash

Greenville Splash YMCA National Team

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Top Row: John Coudriet, Casey Oliver, Warren White, Kevin Pollman, Kris Dunning, Neal Robinson, Mark Kothe, Tyler Scott, Janice Hebel, Jerry Anguiano

Bottow Row: Rachel Smith, Sara Bopp, Jenni Russell, Stephanie Nagele, Susan DeMere, Cheryl Quinn, Sam Smigel, Leslie Scott

May News

It has been a busy month of competition with swimmers going to YMCA Nationals and USMS Nationals. All of our swimmers had a ton of fun and there were so many great highlights. We had lots of opportunities this past month for team bonding whether it was in Sarasota sharing a house with 19 people, sharing one long course lane in workouts, or competing at USMS Nationals with 1,800 other swimmers from around the country. Our team shows a lot of love, team spirit and camaraderie for each other.

The month of May is Childhood Drowning Prevention Month. Our team is committed to this cause and will be hosting several events this year to raise money to provide swim lesson scholarships for at-risk children. We appreciate your support by participating, promoting, volunteering or sponsoring our events. Please mark your calendars for May 22 and come out and join us to listen to some talented local musicians and help us make a difference in the Upstate. Check out for more information.

Our team is excited to have the following coaches and volunteers to teach an Adult Learn to Swim Program this month at the Kroc Center: Doug Long, Tyler Sites, Kris Dunning, Rick Gantt, Janice Hebel, Carolyn Moore, Mark Kothe, Susan DeMere, Amy Browning, Cheryl Quinn and Leslie Scott. We have 5 spots left; so let your coworkers, family and friends know to sign up soon.


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Upstate Splash Freestyle Jam

Sunday, May 22nd, 5:30-9:30pm

200 Eisenhower Drive

Greenville, SC

Our mission is to prevent childhood drowning in the Upstate.

Upcoming Events

May 14

Team Social:

All swimmers and friends are invited

Couple's Shower for Stephanie Nagele and Kellan Heatley

Where: Casey Oliver's home

Time: 7:00-10:00 pm

Sign up online to bring something to share:

Click here to sign up

May 20

SC Senior Games, Florence, SC

May 22

Upstate Splash Freestyle Jam

Music Concert to benefit the Upstate Splash Charity

Tickets include: Live music, Food & Drinks (Quest Brewery)

Where: Gottrocks, Greenville

Time: 5:30 - 9:30 pm

Register Today!

May 30

Open Water Group Swim at Lake Jocassee

June 4

Low Country Splash 2.4 and 5 Mile Open Water Swim, Charleston, SC

June 17-19

Greenville Splash hosts the South Carolina LCM Championships at Westside

Make plans to attend as a swimmer or volunteer. We appreciate your participation!

Sept 17-18

Greenville Splash Hosts the Upstate Splash

Saturday: Upstate Splash Open Water Charity Swim, Lake Jocassee

Sunday: Swim Clinic with Olympian Chloe Sutton at Westside

Free Adult Swim Lessons Only 5 Spots Left

Know an adult that would like to learn how to swim?

Our own certified Greenville Splash coaches and volunteers will be teaching free adult swim lessons at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in May. The only requirement is that participants are 18 and have a desire to learn to swim.

Swim lessons will be May 16, 18, 23, 25, 31 and June 1

Times: 7:15 - 8:00 pm.

Register as soon as possible by visiting the welcome desk at the Greenville Kroc Center

Or by calling: 864-527-5948

Swimmer of the Month: Karen Sturgis

Karen had remarkable performances at USMS Nationals. She is National Champion in the 100 and 400 IM. She placed second in the 200 IM and 50 fly, third in the 100 fly, and sixth in the 100 free. She set four new South Carolina state records for women ages 35-39. Karen works out hard both in the pool and in the weight room. Karen swam for Virginia Tech. She continued to compete in her early 20's and then took a few years off to be with her children. What is most amazing about her recent swims is that she is faster now than when she swam at Nationals when she was 25! So twelve years later she is able to excel at managing family life, career, home school and her fitness regime. Karen is a true team player, always cheering for her teammates and helping others. She volunteers on the Greenville Splash Advisory Board as Membership Chair. She is more than happy to help swimmers with any fitness advice. Thanks for the inspiration, Karen!

Greenville Splash annual membership is due. Easily register online

Membership Opportunity

Greenville Splash members: Video and stroke analysis is available with Coach Susan DeMere on Saturdays at the Kroc Center 8:00 am. Must sign up in advance.

Contact Susan at

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USMS National Team

Back Row: Pam Morris-Wingerter, Nicole Smith, Tyler Sites, Susan DeMere

Front Row: Leah Aragon, Carolyn Moore, Leslie Scott, Karen Sturgis, Roger Clifton

Not pictured: Kristi Panaytoff (due to swimming the 200 fly) and Chris Gibbs

Splashing Accomplishments

YMCA Nationals Sarasota, FL

Congratulations to some fabulous swimming for a 9th place team finish!

National Champions:

Jenni Russell 400 IM, 100 and 200 Breast

Neal Robinson 50 Fly

Stephanie Nagele 1000 Free

Mark Kothe 50 and 200 Back, 50 Free and 100 Fly

Many team points and PR's from: Jerry Anguiano, Sara Bopp, John Coudriet, Susan DeMere, Kris Dunning, Janice Hebel, Kevin Pollman, Cheryl Quinn, Leslie Scott, Tyler Scott, Sam Smigel and Rachel Smith

USMS Nationals Greensboro, NC

National Champion: Karen Sturgis 100 and 400 IM

Roger Clifton: 3rd 50 and 100 Free

Chris Gibbs: 9th 50 Fly, 10th 200 Back

Carolyn Moore: 4th 200 Breast, 10th 100 Fly, 6th 50 Breast, 7th 100 Breast

Pam Morris-Wingerter: 4th 500 Free, 7th 100 Free

Kristi Panayotoff: 9th 1650 Free, 6th 200 Breast, 3rd 200 Fly, 5th 100 Fly, 4th 400 IM

Tyler Sites: 6th 400 IM

Nicole Smith: 7th 200 Breast, 5th 50 Breast, 9th 50 Fly, 8th 100 Breast

Karen Sturgis: 1st 100 and 400 IM, 6th 100 Free, 3rd 100 Fly, 2nd 200 IM and 50 Fly

Short Course Meters Top Ten Rankings 2015

Kristi Panayotoff: 4th 200 Fly, 9th 200 and 400 IM in 65-69 age group

Nicole Smith: 6th 200 Breast, 8th 50 Breast, 9th 100 Breast in 30-34 age group

Roger Clifton: 7th 50 Free in 75-79 age group

Bill Robertson: 9th 100 Free and 10th 100 IM in 75-79 age group

Lake Murray Triathlon

Kudos to Stephanie Hance, Shelley Rubert and Michael Mauhar (1st Overall) for stunning performances!

Stroke Tip: Sighting

Get ready for open water swimming by practicing sighting in the familiar environment of the pool. This will help build muscle memory for the correct movements and gain confidence. Make sure to have something to sight in the pool, such as a kick board or water bottle at the end of the lane. The secret to sighting is to lift just enough to get your goggles out of the water and take a quick look at your target. Stay low to maintain your momentum and body line. This will help to save energy by not having to kick so hard to get going again. As your fingers enter into the water, keep your eyes and nose at the waterline to sight. Use bilateral sighting as you breathe bilaterally. Take a quick glance and get a breathe by getting air in the pocket formed between your shoulder and nose. Practice sighting on some sets such as the last length of every repeat.

Schedule Changes

Westside is closed May 20 and 21 for age group meet

Advisory Board

Meet the Greenville Splash Advisory Board:

Executive Director: Leslie Scott

President: Casey Oliver

Secretary: Carolyn Moore

Membership: Karen Sturgis and Susan DeMere

Communications: Amy Browning

Social Director: Sara Bopp

At Large: Mark Kothe, Janice Hebel

Please, reach out to these board members with any suggestions for the future success of your Greenville Splash Masters team. Email: