iPhone 1

By: Watta and Fatima

This new iPhone will be out for everybody to buy in stores on January 9th! You can preorder it right now if you would like, details will be below


- Built in rechargeable battery

- 2.0 MP rear facing camera

- Single loud speaker

- Storage capacity of 4, 8, or 16 GB

- 320x480 pixel resolution

- TRRS headphone jack 20 hz to 20 kHz

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The iPhone 1 has a 3.5 inch wide screen with a button that can switch you from app to app and take you to the home screen. It has messaging, calling, and emailing.


You can pre-order this cool phone for $399.00 plus shipping and handling. If you order online and use the code "ApplePhone" you can get a 10% discount! Hurry and get yours!

Sources to get yours:

You can Pre-order your phone using the information below!