Guyana the dream destination

Come to Guyana its so Fuyana

(Justin) Culture, Goverment


  • Guyana has many different cultures such as East Indians, Black Afro-Guyanese, Arawak, Carib, and 8 more
  • Guyana has many animals and fruits

  • English
  • Native tongue are the two main languages

  • Guyana has a different currency system
  • 3 colored flag
  • Democratic
  • President (like the United States Of America

Guyana is a very colorful nation. The Guyana flag has 5 colors (red, black, yellow, white, and green). Guyana has 2 main languages. Native tongue, and English. Guyana is one of the smallest parts of south america. Guyana homes some of the most beautiful water falls.


Guyana has a different kind of currency. Guyana is a democracy. Guyana has a president just like the United States. so Guyana and the us don't have many government differences

(Justin) Survival list

  • Machete
  • Clothes that can get dirty
  • Weapons
  • Food
  • Water
  • Extra clothes
  • Walking shoes
  • Passport
  • knife
  • First aid kit

Esha- History of Guyana

  • The first human inahbitants in Guyana were the Carib and Arawak speaking Indians.
  • Guyana was declared a British colony
  • They had fertile soil to grow crops and own plantation
  • The plantations held African American slaves
  • Europeans, Dutch, and British people had stopped slavery in Guyana, and the had no choice but to free the slaves
  • Indian workers replaced them and got paid for working on the plantations
  • Agriculture helped give jobs and enough money for families to the Guyanese
  • Eventually gained independance from Britian

Guyana is country located in Brazil next to Venezuela. The first human inhabitants in Guyana were the Carib and Arawak speaking Indians. During the development of this country, Guyana was declared a British colony. Also, Guyana has fertile soil, and they owned plantations in which African Americans were enslaved and forced to work in. Plantations with slaves allowed the Guyanese to afford food, shelter, and families easily. This routine had changed when the Europeans, Dutch, and British people had attempted to stop the slavery in the 1830's. That’s when the Guyanese people freed the slaves so they stayed safe (1834).

Even after the slaves were freed, the British still had control of them. Instead of doing unethical slavery with African Americans, they were replaced with Indians. The difference was that these Indian workers got paid unlike the African American slaves. The Guyanese still wanted to enslave workers so they made schemes to bring slaves from the U.S, but those plans didn't work. Eventually, Guyana gained independence from Britain and became their own country.

Esha- things to do in Guyana

  • visit Kaietur Falls in Kaietur National Park which is the highest single drop water fall in the world
  • visit Shell beach that includes a variety of shells, a beautiful view, and cool sea animals
  • check out the St. George's Cathedral that is reported to be the tallest wooden structure in the world
  • Enjoy the Botanic Gardens by viewing breath taking flowers and plants, bold manatees that you can feed, and the experience of being in nature
  • Horse riding in the Rupununi Savannah
  • Camping and water rafting
  • When you visit the Guyana zoo, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while learning about Guyana's wild animals
  • take a ride across the Demerara Floating Bridge, the longest floating bridge in the world going across the Demerara River
  • Participate in or watch sporting events like fishing, and football
  • In Guyana there are unique and rare birds you can view in Bird watching events that are held on special dates


· chief export is Bauxite and aluminum ore

· Linden is principal mining center

· small quantities of gold and diamonds are mined

· soil supports rice,sugercane,and many other crops

Guyana's chief export is Baxite aluminum ore. Linden is Guyana's principal mining center. Small quantities of gold and diamonds are mined in Guyana's backlands. The soil there supports rice, sugarcane, and many other crops.

Clarence Seedorf: first person to win champion lead for soccer

Jhon Agard: Guyanese poet

Cheddi Jagan: president of Guyana

Valerie Amos: politician

Shakira Caine: Fashion model

Some famous people are Clarence Seedoft was the first person to win champion lead in soccer. Jhon Agard was a famous Guyanese poet. Ghedd Jagan was president of Guyana