The 'Big Bang Theory'

by: Yogesh Koirala-7th period

Personal Narrative (from p.o.v. of the universe)

I started out very small, even smaller than a subatomic particle, hot and very dense. All the energy in the entire universe was compressed inside of me. Then, suddenly, I started to expand; within approximately 10^-35 seconds, I was as big as a football. At this time matter and energy were practically the same thing due to the insane amount of heat! Approximately 10^-32 seconds after my 'expansion', particles, such as, gluons and quarks, were created and they destroyed each other. Eventually, matter won over 'antimatter', which by now doesn't exist. By 10^-9 seconds, I had expanded to a billion km in diameter and the temperature had decreased tremendously. Approximately a second after the expansion, new particles, such as, protons and neutrons started to form. Furthermore, as matter cooled, more varieties of atoms started forming and eventually cooled down to be stars and galaxies...

Now almost 14 billion years has passed since I was born, and I still continue to expand.

The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang
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