The American Industrial Revolution

Termed also The 19th Century American Industrial Revolution

—Improvements in the Transportation System—

  1. Since faster ways of transportation became available, the shipping time and cost was decreased, increasing the business.
  2. Steamboats all over the United States could transport goods and people across the ocean.
  3. About the year 1860, railroads connected many chief cities.
  4. All of these reasons led to the economy increasing in the chief cities, and so the chief cities grew.

*Developments in Manufacturing and Industry*

1) The Industrial Revolution was a period where the use of machinery for manufactoring and production increased.

2) Factories and textile mills were established and they sped up the process of creating garments (textiles).

3) Women took this as an opportunity to work in factories and earn wages. An example of this are the Lowell Girls from the factories in Lowell, Massachusetts.

~Factory Working Conditions~

  1. The workers, whose ages were under 10 years of age to 25 years of age, and who were men, women, and even young children, were all forced to work 14 hours a day.
  2. The factory setting was hazardous and the all workers ran hazards working with different types of machines.
  3. Since some of the workers were children under 10 years of age (young girls), and young women ages 16-25, they were inexperienced workers and were more exposed to hazards.