New School Fee Payment System

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District 41 is transitioning to a new and more convenient service for payment of school fees and managing school lunch accounts called PushCoin. is a mobile-friendly website. Parents can use a smartphone or a tablet to pay for school fees or fund and monitor lunch accounts. Families will be provided the option to link PushCoin to their bank account and pay via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) without paying any transaction fees. There will also be the option to pay via a credit card, but there would then be a small credit card processing transaction fee.
NOTE: PushCoin will send a separate email with the credentials you will need to login.

Please see more information and sign up instructions below.


Follow these steps to create and link your parent account to your student.
1. Go to Use the latest internet browsers as they are the most secure.
2. Sign up as a parent or guardian. Either click on I don't have an account and fill out the form or use an accelerated sign up by clicking on the Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn or Hotmail links.
3. Add your student to your PushCoin account by clicking Add student. Enter the unique PushCoin Registration Code you will receive from PushCoin via email, and click Submit. If you don’t have the unique code, click I don’t have a code.
4. Information about the student should appear on the screen. Verify the information is correct and click I Confirm.

If you have multiple students, repeat steps 3-4 for each of the students.


When school fees appear on your students account you will see a red negative balance under Fees. You can review the assigned fees under the Statements tab. To pay for school fees, click Pay fees.

If you are using a credit or debit card to pay for school fees or add funds to your student's wallet, you will need to enter the CVV number that's on the back of the card.

NOTE: If you are unable to pay your fees at this time and/or would like to apply for the Free Meal program, please click here.


Set up your payment method by clicking on Accounts and then click on Add source:

  • Electronic check (eCheck). The eCheck funding option is always FREE for parents and all school districts working with PushCoin

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). There is an additional fee of 2.95% + $0.30 per transaction to use credit or debit cards. This fee is charged by the card processor (Not PushCoin). Glen Ellyn School District 41 does not make any profit on this fee. The fee will be in addition to the original transaction amount. You will be able to see the total cost before submitting the transaction.

What to expect when using PushCoin?

  • is a mobile-friendly website. You can use a smartphone or a tablet to pay for school fees or fund and monitor your students' lunch account. The site will adjust to your device’s screen and act like an APP.

  • Every student in PushCoin has two sub accounts: Wallet & Fees. The Wallet is a discretionary spending account. If you have ever sent your children to a camp and provided money for a “camp store” this is essentially what the wallet provides, except YOU determine how funds are used, they don’t belong to the district. The Fees account is used by your school district to communicate owed fees. The Wallet funds can be used also to pay for school fees and optional items listed on your school district’s webstore at (webstore address).

  • You will be notified via email when your child makes a purchase using their PushCoin wallet funds or when your account balance is low. To adjust the frequency of your email notifications, log into your PushCoin account and click on Settings. Some email providers have very weak SPAM filters (YAHOO, AOL, AT&T, HOTMAIL) and may send PushCoin emails to SPAM folders so be sure to whitelist the PushCoin email address or check your SPAM folder.

  • You may check your student's transaction history by logging into your PushCoin account and clicking Transactions.

  • You can deposit funds to your student wallets by clicking Fund Wallet. If funding the Wallet electronically, the minimum transaction amount is $35. This minimum exists to allow your school district to keep E-Check transactions free of service charges, and keep the credit card charge to a minimum. There is no minimum transaction amount when funding by physical check.

  • You can transfer wallet funds between your students by clicking Move funds.

  • If you have an outstanding balance in your student’s Fees account, you will be sent an electronic invoice once a month. Some email providers have very weak SPAM filters (YAHOO, AOL, AT&T, HOTMAIL) and may send our emails to SPAM folders so be sure to whitelist our email address or check your SPAM folder.

  • If your school district offers optional programs or sells items online, you will see Webstore button below Fund Wallet. There is no need to fund student’s wallet to make purchases on your school district’s webstore and there is no minimum purchase amount.

If you have a technical question about your PushCoin account, please contact PushCoin via email at