Chinese Schools of Thoughts


Confucianism was created by Kong Fu Zi by practicing hard work, politeness, generosity, honesty, loyalty, and respect. In China the basic unit of society was the family, and besides the ruler and subject, family came first. Confucius believed in filial piety, which was to people to always obey and respect their parents. Confucius mainly believed that people should live a morally good life.
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Buddha is known as the "Enlightened one." The Four Noble Truths are the main ideas of Buddhism.

Four Noble Truths:

First- suffering and sorrow are a part of life.

Second- people are unhappy because of their needs that they won't ever have.

Third- overcome desire is to not want anymore.

Fourth- reach nirvana.

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Legalism was the thought that obedience was the key to having a peaceful life. Han Fei created Legalism, and he said that the only way to have a stable society was through strict punishment and rewards.
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Laozi said that peace should be achieved from within not what's around you. In Doaism people are a part of nature and should live in harmony.
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