Canada 2060 Assignment

What will Canada be like in 2060?


Today, there are many people worrying about future events that could take place due to some of the demographic and immigration issues we are facing today. High immigration rates is an issue for many reasons and the demographic shift is also a bit of an issue due to people getting older and closer to retirement whilst worrying that they don't have enough kids to take their place. These are just a few of the issues but there are many more to cover.


Canada has always been known to have the highest immigration rate in the world, but is Canada's high immigration rate really having such a high positive affect on Canada as everyone believes? Canada takes in about 250,000 immigrants per year, this means that each year Canada needs to support another 250,000 immigrants, just imagine in 4 years you already have collected around 1,000,000 immigrants. Now of course this is balanced out by the death rate as its not like Canadians are immortal, but this is still a huge number that still need to be supported. First of all, many Canadians are out of work, 1.5 million to be exact and its mainly because of the high immigration rate. Second of all, many of the prices are raising drastically due to the amount of immigrants coming in, many need houses and places to live. In the end, the best option for Canada would be to lower the immigration rate. So, what does this mean for Canada's immigration in 2060?

Canada's immigration can be problematic but it seems people are starting to notice some of the consequences high immigration is impacting the country. First Canada's immigration is no where near as high as its ever been before and has recently been slowly dropping. This means that by 2060 there is a chance that many job opportunity's will start opening and not very many people will be out of work, housing and other pricing might drop as well making life a little easier.

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What will Canada's demography be like in 2060? Well so far one of our biggest problems is that the elderly are getting to the age of where they die off, and many people are worried that there might not be enough people to fill in all of their spots. First of all back in 1981 there where 6 workers per 1 retiree, but by 2031 there will only be 3 workers per 1 retiree. And in 2021, 1 in 4 workers will be over 55 years old. This increase wont stop until about 2031 when the last of the elderly retire. Now by then many kids will be around 30-40 years old, and that sounds perfect, until you remember that we are looking at Canada in 2060. By then we will be in our late 50's or early 60's and would be around our time to retire if we haven't already.
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Canada's demographic and geographic shift


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In the end, people need to stop focusing on the future and instead shift their attention to the issues we are facing today. Many things that people worry about being an issue in the future could also be caused by some of the issues we have today. For example if people started to focus on the consequences on the high immigration rate, many country's would try to balance it out, while also working on a solution for helping demographic situations.