Tech & Media Updates

October 2021

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

-John C. Maxwell (favorited by Emy Garrett, LCS Asst. Superintendent)

Everyone Can Create Guides

Research shows that when students are allowed to show their creativity, it leads to deeper engagement, and when students are engaged, they take ownership of their learning and become better problem solvers, communicators, and collaborators.

Everyone Can Create is a collection of projects that ignite creativity with any subject in any grade level. The guides teach students fundamental skills on the iPad in the area of drawing, photography, video, and drawing. You can find ideas from quick introductory activities to projects -- and everything in between.

The guides can be found in your Teacher App > My Resources > Documents. You can also download the books from your Books App on your iPad or Macbook. We challenge you to try one activity with your students this month. Be sure to tag @LCSJackets and #EveryoneCanCreate on all social media platforms.


Many of you may know that a week or so ago, most of the phone lines in LCS would not place or accept outgoing calls. Only internal calls were going through. This meant schools had to implement our phone backup plan and use a landline at the front desk to ensure two way communication between schools and outside lines. WHY did this happen? It occurred because there was a Cyber Attack on a major phone provider affecting businesses and schools across the nation.

Another current Cyber Attack uses the COVID pandemic to prey on schools and colleges. During a 30 day period from Aug. 14-Sept. 12, 2021, there was a 63% INCREASE in ransomware and malware attacks against educational organizations.

What can you do?

  1. Pay attention to emails you receive. Confirm the sender's actual email address. Look for spelling errors or other indicators that it may be a scam or fake.
  2. Do not click links or open documents from an unknown sender or any emails that look suspicious.
  3. Do not send sensitive information through email. LCS will never ask you to send sensitive information or passwords through email. We have secure sites for those purposes.
  4. Never trust alarming emails that try to frighten you into responding quickly.

Be on the lookout for new resources and training materials from LCS or KnowBe4 to help us all ensure the safety of our data and information!

Did you much YOU Matter?

  1. Teachers really do change lives.
    88% of people say a teacher had a significant, positive impact on their life.

  2. Students look up to their teachers (even when it may not seem like it).
    75% of students say teachers are their mentors and role models.

  3. Teachers help students believe in themselves.
    83% of students say a teacher has boosted their self-esteem and confidence.

  4. Students appreciate you more than they may every say.
    87% of people say they wish they had told their best teachers how much they appreciated their efforts. (They are grateful for you...even if they don't know it or show it today.)

  5. Nearly 3.7 MILLION students graduated from a U.S. high school last year.
    And they ALL have been influenced by teachers like you!