Hannah Ford

Costume Portfolio

Alice in Wonderland

Costume Crew

As a member of the costume crew, my crew head and designer delegated out pieces for me to work on. They gave me the Griffin as a main focus. I struggled with many apects of the piece including which materials to use. I ended up using headliner, old feather boas, and spray paint. The spray paint created a matted effect on the feathers that was just what I was looking for.


Costume Designer & Costume Head

As a designer I always start with reading a synopsis of a play. I try not to read a script that I know nothing about, making it easier for me to understand what I'm getting myself into. As a designer for this show, I spoke with each actor individually and tried to get a feel for their character choices as well as their personalities.


When I think Godspell, I think of colors. I decided to use pastel colors to put more emphasis to pieces that needed to stand out more. The pastel colors highlighted Jesus's costume as well as Judas's jacket, being that they were different.

Jesus and Judas.

Before I started working on Jesus's costume I sat down with our Jesus and discussed what he was bringing to the table. As an actor he felt like he was a "classic Jesus". As a designer I felt like keeping the "classic Jesus" aspect of the costume was perfect for our show. Many scripts say to start off with Jesus in a pair of white shorts or boxers. Being that this was a high school production we choose to use a white tank top in place of the boxers.Judas felt like he was very boisterous and different from the other cast members. I had several jackets that he liked but didn't feel any connection with and I decided to have one made.


The actor took a very open approach to her character. She felt like Jeffrey had a very "earthy" and feminine attitude. The lace on the bottoms of her shorts added a bit of femininity to her costume.