2015 Year in Review

Abby Hood, pd 6

3 Companies that Marketed themselves the Best

1. Alex and Ani - Before 2015 I didn't even know about the Alex and Ani company. But during 2015 they opened hundreds of new stores including in the Fairfax and DC area. They promoted themselves through instagram and twitter, releasing a new Because I'm a Girl bracelet promoting the Dove campaign.

2. Apple - Apple is always one of the companies that promotes itself well, and this year they did nothing different than that. They came out with the brand new Iphone 6s with many celebrity endorsers and promotion. Not only did they have many new interesting features but colors as well.

3. Ivory Ella - Ivory Ella is a website that sells shirts and hats with elephants on them and send proceeds to help rehabilitate elephants. They promoted themselves well by showing up in ads on the side of facebook and many other social networks. By the end of the year over $40,000 from them was sent to help, while also clothing girls and boys in cute fashionable elephant wear.

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Two Best Products Introduced in 2015

Selfie Stick

Apple Iwatch

Two Worst Products Introduced in 2015


Smart Beds for kids

Two Top Movies of 2015

American Ultra - Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart

The Martian - Matt Damon

Top 2 Musical Artists

Lil Dicky

The Weeknd

Most Popular Films Released 2015

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2. The Hateful Eight

3. The Revenant

3. Joy

4. The Big Short

5. Daddy's Home

New Years Resolutions

1. I want to work out at least three times a week and stay on a diet that is healthy for me.

2. I want to reach out and make more friends as well as become closer with my family before college.

3. I want to get all A's and B's and get into every college I applied to!