My Perspective

Teenagers should have graduated licences but also get more education.

Teenagers should have Graduated Licences because not every 16 year-old crashes their car. Although 16 year old brains are not fully developed, it doesn't mean they can't drive. The 16 year-olds that are involved in crashes are more than likely not following the rules of the road. I am saying this because it is not every teen's fault that some of them crash.

Why someone would think otherwise

Teenagers drivers are involved in more accidents than most people because of their lack of experience. Some examples of that are speeding or losing control in a stressful situation. This is not all the teenagers fault. They need to be educated more in earlier years and maybe start to get the feel of driving.

Parent's Relief

Parents will have a big relief from stress with getting their kids to practice and games for sports. Teens can make it to practice and games on time and have a ride home. I often have to get a ride back home because my parents are either working or at my brother's football games.