Gratitude for Grannies!

Miles McNeary 5S


Elderly people have bodies that are not as strong or flexible as they used to be, so they need help with everyday things like cleaning, keeping organized, and grocery shopping. Especially if they live on their own, they need this help and also they miss spending time with others because it is harder for them to go out.

I chose to help my great grandmother, Mimi, who is 90 years old and lives alone.I called her one day and asked if there were any jobs around the house that were hard for her to do and that I would like to help her.Getting down low to pick things up or clean the lower parts of her house, and also to move things around in her house were hard.So, I visited her and took boxes down to the basement, cleaned out lower cabinets, and shoveled some snow.Mimi also asked me to bring along my piano pieces to play for her because she loves music.