Mobile Apps in the Classroom

How mobile apps revolutionize the technological classroom!

1. Twitter

This is a social networking app that allows students to interact with classmates, global organizations, world leaders and local individuals. Utilizing the app the student can post information, resources, thoughts and perspectives on various topics as well as have others respond to those same topics or to provide new ones. This is a great tool to get students to interact with one another and also to build up and upon communication skills!

2. Google App

This app is an essential tool in the modern classroom because it allows information to be readily available and although caution has to be used in regards to the app it is still a great tool to utilize in order to do quick or extensive research!

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3, 4 and 5

Khan Academy, Good Reads and Quick Charts Pro

Khan Academy is an app that provides interesting videos, information and facts regarding all sorts of topics and materials. All the material comes from very viable sources and often the videos are composed by doctors and professors.

Good Reads is an app that allows the user to track the books they have read, interact with others to see what books they are reading and learning about. This app is fantastic because it can collaborate a readers' interests and provide suggestions for books they may find enjoyable. This will definitely help students to become more active in reading!

Quick Charts Pro is an app that helps a student to make quick conversions, and comparisons for mathematical and statistical equations! This app should be used with care however if the students are not allowed a similar device for exams or finals.