New York

The colony

New York and how it came to be

  • New York was founded in 1624 by Peter Minuit and others, who had landed on Manhattan island.
  • In 1664 New York was captured from the dutch by the Kingdom of England. Which was confirmed by the treaty of Breda, in exchange for the isle of rum in the East Indies.
  • New York was the 11th colony to become a state.
  • New york was originally named "New Netherlands" it was changed to New York in honor of the Duke of York, after the land was taken over by his fleet.
  • The Duke of York was the most important person in early colonial New York life. He was well known to all the people as the one who had set them apaprt from the dutch.
  • New York was orginally founded because the Dutch needed a trade outpost in the new world and New York had the most strategically placed port on the East coast.

  • Leisler's Rebellion was an significant event in New York. It was an uprising that had been started by the militia Captain Jacob Leisler. He gained control of the lower half of New York to resent against King James II, who decreed the formation of New York and New Jersey.
  • The work that New York provided was shipyard work, lumber mills, and beaver fur traders.
  • Although New York was mainly known for their trading outpost and the strategically placed sea ports.
  • New York revolutionized the way of trading to the new world.
  • Religion in New York was often segregated and individualistic, because of the economy many religious groups were inherited.


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