"Reading is dreaming with your eyes open." -Unknown

We need artistic individuals like YOU to assist myBOOKbag official launch.

The idea of myBOOKbag started as child memory. My Great Aunt would bring books to family the functions from her publishing company, for my sister and I. Soon I would start to collect every book my Great Aunt brought to the family gatherings and created my own childhood library, that I would share with my siblings and daughter when she got old enough. As we got older my sister and I thought what if people who loved literature as much as we did, received a gift every month of their favorite books. Then myBOOKbag was born!

myBOOKbag, a New Online Book Subscription

myBOOKbag LLC is pleased to announce that we have officially launched in the Nation's Capital on Sunday, April 26, 2015. myBOOKbag is an online subscription book program which enables readers to connect with independent authors nationwide. The company, which enables readers to subscribe for $30 per month and receive a monthly bag full of books was created by Jessica Greenhill. Jessica wanted to provide a platform for independent authors to showcase their literary work, and for book lovers to access new and upcoming writers and their work. myBOOKbag is centered on the idea of indie readers and authors expanding their cognitive borders beyond the New York Times' Best Sellers list. The bag of books will cover all genres, creating an element of surprise, as myBOOKbagmembers will not know what authors will be included in the monthly bag full of books until it's announced the 1st every month, when the packages are sent. The mission of myBOOKbag is to improve every subscriber's literary experience and expand their horizons.

When asked about her vision of myBOOKbag, Jessica states "The motto at myBOOKbag is 'reading is dreaming with your eyes open' and myBOOKbag's main goal is to provide a different way of accessing the innovative indie author and to exposing book lovers nationwide to new authors that may have never come across."

In addition, Jessica discovered that a newly published book only has a 1 percent chance of being stocked in an average bookstore. Of the hundreds of books written every year in the US, more than half of them are self-published, drastically reducing the scope of their visibility. Tracing back to childhood memories, Jessica reflected on how her great Aunt would bring books to family functions from her publishing company, for she and her sisters to read. Having developed a collection of books from her Great Aunt (which she now shares with siblings and her own daughter), she recognized an opportunity to help build the personal libraries of others.

myBOOKbag benefits

myBOOKbag offers members a personal connection to the authors selected each month. Each subscriber will have the ability to interact with the selected authors during monthly chat sessions. This will give the subscribers the ability to give direct feedback to the author. In turn Authors are given the opportunity to reach, listen, and communicate directly with their audience.

myBOOkbag partnership...

myBOOKbag is accepting authors who have written a book and are ready to distribute the book to the public.

Once the author has submitted their book to the myBOOKbag team for review, the myBOOKbag team will determine which month is the best for the literary work to be released, considering the myBOOKbag mission and theme of the month.

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myBOOKbag is an online subscription based service. Subscription is $30 a month and members will receive monthly bags with 2-3 books monthly. For more information for Press and Events inquires: