Show Pig Update

Weighing & Walking

Please walk your pigs in the sand at least twice weekly. Please weigh your pig Wednesday or Thursday and email me the weight(great job doing this!!). I will be at the project center on Friday afternoon from 4:30-5:30, please come if you can so I can see you walk your pig.

I would like everyone to text me 214-282-9875 a 30 second video of you walking your pig in the sand. I want it to include front, profile, and back. I would like this by Friday or I will video you on Friday.

Plano ISD Showmanship Clinic

Saturday December 12th

Clinic Starts at 9:00am

Show Starts at 9:45am

Please plan on washing your pig on the warmest day next week. Then we will spot clean the morning of the show.

You will need to wear show clothes. Jeans, Collared Shirt, Boots/Sperrys. Look like you put effort into getting ready that day!


You should be feeding Linders 631 or 632 (whatever they have in stock). We will feed this for awhile so you can buy mutiple bags! We will start adding some supplements once your pig reaches the 175 pound mark and we will begin measuring feed daily. Below are two additional feed supplements you will need to purchase.

Please let me know once your pig reaches the 160 pound mark and we look at him walk and evaluate our feeding plan.


Purchase 1 50lb sack of this. It will be a little pricey, but we will use just 1 pound a day.


Purchase a 20 lb bucket of this or spilt a 50 lb bag between two showers.

Heat Lamps

Turn your heat lamps on during the night (if it is going 50* or below). Then turn it off during the day as long as it is above 50*.

Collin County Junior Livestock Show Schedule

Monday January 4th-Students out of school
9:00am-1:00pm- Unload & Weigh In

Tuesday January 5th-Students out of school
9:00am-12:00pm- Plano West FFA Concession Stand Shift-MANDATORY for Pig students and we need parent help

1:30pm- Swine Show Begins

Friday January 8th

8:00pm-Clean Up-MANDATORY for all show students

Saturday January 9th

12:00-Auction Starts

San Antonio Dates

Saturday February 20th-Arrival/Check-In

Sunday February 21st-Spot Show

Monday February 22nd- Dark Cross Show

PISD Hotel-La Quinta 6410 I-35 North (210)653-6619-This is where Plano ISD books us rooms. It is not fancy at all. You welcome to book here or anywhere else you would like. I will send a more detailed schedule next week.


Please join remind group so you can be updated & informed at all times

Text @showhogs15 to 81010