The Colony Of Maryland

The Best Colony In America

Maryland is The Place To be

In Maryland we have a lot of appealing things such as, iron, fish, and that good old tobacco. Since we are right next to Chesapeake bay we have access to almost an infinite amount of appetizing fish. If your looking for a good hike come to the Appalachian mountains here in Maryland. Maryland was founded when King Charles gave a grant to George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore.

These are Some of Maryland's Amazing Sights

Our Religious Freedom Will be To Your Liking


In Maryland most of our population consists of Catholics but we also greet Christians fairly. If you are a Christian adult you are allowed to vote and hold office if voted in. We have had our assembly of Maryland pass a toleration act for religious freedom.


In Maryland we mainly trade using tobacco and use the Chesapeake bay as our main food source. We have many plantations that grow tobacco and can open job opportunities for foreigners, like you. We are also very into the business of mining and more specifically iron.


We had a similar government to that of the house of Burgesses in Virginia. It was a representative government that was led by a proprietor

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