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Birthdate and Birthplace

-C.S. Lewis was born on November 29, 1898

-C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast, United Kingdom

Fast Facts

-C.S. Lewis has been writing since 1925

-C.S. Lewis published his first book Chronicles of Narnia in 1950

-C.S. Lewis writes only fiction and non-fiction books

-C.S. Lewis's works have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold millions of copies.


Q: What does the "C. S." stand for?
A: Lewis' full name is Clive Staples Lewis

Q: Is it true that C. S. Lewis was an atheist at one point in his life?

A: Yes. Lewis was raised in a Christian home (Church of Ireland), and became an atheist when he was 15. He converted back to Christianity (Church of England) when he was 33 with the help of his friend, J. R. R. Tolkien.

Q: Did C. S. Lewis win any awards or honors?

A:The Last Battle won the Carnegie Award, the highest honor for children's literature in the United Kingdom. Also, Winston Churchill offered Lewis a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in 1951, but he turned it down.

Q: What is the correct order for reading The Chronicles of Narnia? What order do you recommend?

A:Simply put, there is no correct order. But depending upon who you ask, there is a preferred order.

The books were originally published without numbers, since Lewis didn't know how many Narnia books he was going to write. When the American publisher Macmillan decided to put numbers on their editions they chose to use the order in which the books were originally published.

Review of the book Chronicles of Narnia

Book one in the trilogy Chronicles of Narnia is the Lion,Witch,and Wardrobe. It was a really fun book. It had an amazing setting and plot. It went at a great pace it didn't go to fast or too slow. I loved how they entered the queen into the book. With her cold and icy costume. They had a lot of imagery that made the book come alive.

Fun Facts

-C.S. Lewis favorite color is green

-Favorite snack is bacon

-Became an atheist at age 15