DynaVox Vmax+

Helping You Reach Your Full Potential

What is the Vmax+ Device

DynaVox's Vmax+ is a device designed to help people with cerebral palsy communicate. This device is perfect for people who are constantly on the go. It has a large, clear display that can be seen inside and outside. To use this device the person must be able to track things with their eyes and have basic language and communication skills. The Vmax+ also has a connector for mounting the device on a wheelchair.

What all does the Vmax+ have?

Each device comes with a quick start and user's guide, CDs with instructional videos, models, backup files, and editing software. Vmax+ has many voices and symbols for the individual to choose from. It also has a stylus pen, carrying case, and a wheelchair power adapter converter for connecting the device to a wheelchair.


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